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Gardens and Rental Properties

Purple flowers
A gorgeous garden is a real asset to a property for both selling and renting. However when it comes to rental properties the upkeep can be an issue. As an owner, if you rent out what was once your own home, and your new tenants don’t … Read the full post »

Landlord Insurance

What is it? Should I have it? What to look for when choosing a policy?  So many questions to consider!
Michelle talks about Landlord Insurance here.
What is it?
Landlord Insurance is really about protecting you as an Owner for the more common risks that may arise when renting … Read the full post »

Leasing a Property Virtually

Over the years, we have had the odd tenant here and there, who was unable to physically inspect a property before taking possession.  In these instances, we would have them sign a waiver and also strongly encourage a friend or relative to inspect the property … Read the full post »

No More Certificates of Title in NSW

From 11 October 2021 there will no longer be any paper Certificates of Title issued AND existing Certificates of Title will be cancelled.  That’s right – the NSW government is going paperless!
The NSW government has advised that removing the need for paper Certificates of Title to settle … Read the full post »

Short Term Moratorium – Fast Facts

In NSW there is currently a short-term moratorium in place to protect covid impacted tenants from eviction.
Fast Facts

The moratorium runs from 14 July 2021 to 11 September 2021 for Residential Tenants
Tenants that are covered by this moratorium must be covid impacted and what this means is that … Read the full post »

Should my tenant be on a fixed term lease

It is quite common for a tenant to sign an initial lease for a set period of time when they first move into a property e.g. 12 months.  At the end of this period of time, there are provisions in our legislation for a tenant to remain … Read the full post »

Hello Kim Williams

Get to know Kim Williams, Senior Property Manager from Rightside
Q: What do you enjoy about working in the real estate industry?
A: I love property, so being in the industry means I get to see a lot of different properties! I also really enjoying helping tenants find the home … Read the full post »

NSW Government extends moratorium for covid impacted tenants

The NSW government has announced that the support measures put in place for COVID impacted tenants will be extended for another 6 months (until 15 March 2021).  The initial support measures included a 60 day moratorium on evictions for those tenants impacted by covid (which ended on … Read the full post »

Best Practice Property Management

After many years of looking after property, we have a clear insight into what Owners are truly looking for when it comes to their Property Management Agent.
At first owners may say that they are looking for the highest rent possible for the lowest fees, however on reflection … Read the full post »

Repairs and Your Agent – for Landlords

An inevitable part of owning property is that from time to time things go wrong, and repairs & maintenance should be expected.  A knowledgeable, experienced, and proactive agent can make a difference in managing repairs and ultimately the return you see on your investment.
Limit Surprises
A proactive … Read the full post »

Get a 10% return on investment

We see many investment properties that are not providing the return that they could be, simply because they are in need of improvements.  Many investors are aware of this, however, can feel overwhelmed by the costs or the work involved.
Normally we find that the investment with the … Read the full post »

Working from home?

The work-from-home experiment during Covid-19 is expected to accelerate an already growing trend in more people escaping cities to work remotely in regional lifestyle locations.
Almost 50% of Australian workers were based at home during the lockdown and the success of this has opened the eyes of company … Read the full post »

Fair Wear and Tear in Rental Properties

This can be a hot topic at the end of a tenancy when the final outgoing inspection is undertaken. During the final inspection, the original Ingoing condition report is pulled out and the property is compared to the condition it was in when the tenants moved in.  … Read the full post »

How has Covid-19 impacted the residential rental market?

During March and April we were inundated with calls from worried and struggling tenants requesting that we speak to their landlord about their request for a rent reduction. A good agent knows that they must not just be a conduit to the landlord by presenting them with … Read the full post »

Commerical Retail Leasing update

Great news for some of our commercial/retail customers this month, both business owners and landlords. We have seen the easing of some of the restrictions with the advice that further easing will come within a reasonably shortened period of time. Around the middle of May the NSW … Read the full post »

Open homes permitted from this weekend

From this Saturday 9 May 2020, the restrictions on holding open homes will be relaxed. The NSW government treasurer Dominic Perrottet and the Minister for Health Brad Hazzard have celebrated the progress made so far and warned that there was still no place for complacency.
“Real estate agents should limit … Read the full post »

Covid-19 Support for Landlords from NSW Government

The NSW Government has now announced a $440 million support package for tenants and landlords.
In NSW, landlords will now be able to apply for a land tax concession of up to 25 per cent of their 2020 calendar year land tax liability, but the relief landlords pass on … Read the full post »