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Short Term Moratorium – Fast Facts

In NSW there is currently a short-term moratorium in place to protect covid impacted tenants from eviction.
Fast Facts

The moratorium runs from 14 July 2021 to 11 September 2021 for Residential Tenants
Tenants that are covered by this moratorium must be covid impacted and what this means is that … Read the full post »


Rentvesting is a great opportunity to enter the property market.
So what is it?
Rent-vesting is when you rent where you live, however you own an investment property that you rent out to someone else.
Let’s say, you want to live in a three-bedroom home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches however … Read the full post »

The impact of the 2021/22 Federal Budget on Real Estate

The Federal Budget 2021/22 had one goal “Keep the recovery going”.
It outlined several programs that target first home buyers, while also trying to attract empty nesters to downsize by extending access to a superannuation contribution scheme.
Downsizer scheme
The government is pushing to free up more homes for younger families … Read the full post »

Selling in Winter

Sell in Winter
When we think of the best time to sell our home, the spring and summer months always come to mind. Blooming gardens, pleasant sunshine and crowds of potential buyers swarming in the door. However we believe that selling in winter can also lead to some … Read the full post »

NSW Government extends moratorium for covid impacted tenants

The NSW government has announced that the support measures put in place for COVID impacted tenants will be extended for another 6 months (until 15 March 2021).  The initial support measures included a 60 day moratorium on evictions for those tenants impacted by covid (which ended on … Read the full post »

Get a 10% return on investment

We see many investment properties that are not providing the return that they could be, simply because they are in need of improvements.  Many investors are aware of this, however, can feel overwhelmed by the costs or the work involved.
Normally we find that the investment with the … Read the full post »