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How to Avoid Mould

What is Mould?
Did you know that mould spores are a natural part of the environment, however in certain conditions the spores will germinate and spread. Depending on the conditions this could be very quickly or slowly over time.
When its humid and there are extended periods of rain, … Read the full post »

Gardens and Rental Properties

A gorgeous garden is a real asset to a property for both selling and renting.

No More Certificates of Title in NSW

From 11 October 2021 there will no longer be any paper Certificates of Title issued AND existing Certificates of Title will be cancelled. 

Short Term Moratorium – Fast Facts

In NSW there is currently a short-term moratorium in place to protect covid impacted tenants from eviction.


Rentvesting is a great opportunity to enter the property market.

The impact of the 2021/22 Federal Budget on Real Estate

The Federal Budget 2021/22 had one goal “Keep the recovery going”.

Selling in Winter

When we think of the best time to sell our home, the spring and summer months always come to mind.

NSW Government extends moratorium for covid impacted tenants

The NSW government has announced that the support measures put in place for COVID impacted…

Get a 10% return on investment

We see many investment properties that are not providing the return that they could be…