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Moving Home Checklist

Moving Homes can be stressful and time consuming, however there are a few things that you can do to make things flow smoothly like getting organised early, which will put you ahead of the game.  To help you stay calm and in control we put together this … Read the full post »

Do you remember when..

Cast your mind back to September 2019 and the cash rate was at an all time low of 1%, then in October 2019 it dropped to 0.75% to ward off the downside tilt…and that was all before that 5 letter C word entered the scene in 2020…on … Read the full post »

Keep your Eye on the Flexi-Hose!

A flexi-hose is a stainless steel braided hose and is often found under bathroom vanities, attached to dishwashers and washing machines.  They don’t last forever, in fact most need to be maintained every 2-3 years and are not expected to last for more than 5 years.
It is … Read the full post »

Best Practice Property Management

After many years of looking after property, we have a clear insight into what Owners are truly looking for when it comes to their Property Management Agent.
At first owners may say that they are looking for the highest rent possible for the lowest fees, however on reflection … Read the full post »

I Need a Tenant ASAP!

Lately competition is fierce for finding tenants and vacancy can be costly. Our focus is attracting and securing high quality tenants quickly. In rentals every part of the process matters, in this blog we take a look at the first part – Attracting Tenants.
The quality of real estate … Read the full post »

How to claim the new HomeBuilder Grant

Northern Beaches residents interested in substantially renovating their homes can now access a $25,000 grant from the Federal Government if they meet certain conditions.  We have put together a rundown of the new HomeBuilder grant to help you … Read the full post »

June 2020 Market Wrap

Here we are at the end of the 2020 Financial Year, and when we look back on the past 12 months its been rather an eventful period.
Local Sales Market
Despite speculation in some quarters that the crisis faced by the economy this past few months would lead to a “major” correction in real … Read the full post »

How to grow your own veggie patch

Ever wanted to grow your own nutritious heirloom veggies? Rightside presents five top tips from professional gardener, botanical guide, garden consultant and author, Simon Rickard.
1. Learn to grow from seed
It’s not easy to grow from seed, but neither is driving a car or knitting a … Read the full post »