Guidance for Tenants impacted by Covid-19

If you have been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic please contact your Property Manager as soon as possible and they will do their best to help. Click here to view the short video update.

Recently the NSW government produced guidance for tenants, agents and landlords on how to work together. Specifically, the government has indicated that in order to be eligible to negotiate rent relief a tenant must demonstrate that their household net income has decreased by 25% or more.  This reduction is after any government benefits are added back in.

If your net household income after tax has dropped by at least 25%, you may enter into negotiations with your agent/landlord on a rent relief.  Unlike in other states the NSW government has indicated the existing lease still holds, which may mean that you may need to pay back any rent relief provided at a later date. This may be by way of an accelerated payment plan or by claim on the bond at the end of your tenancy.  How practical and achievable this is, will depend on your individual circumstances, and your Property Manager will work with you on an achievable outcome for your situation.

The first step will be to complete a Rent Relief Request form and provide supporting documentation to demonstrate the change in your financial circumstances. This supporting documentation may include:

  • Payslips from before and after you were impacted
  • Correspondence from your employer
  • Status of your Centrelink claims
  • If self-employed copies of your trading financial statements and BAS returns

Please make sure you talk with your Property Manager will do their very best to work with both Tenants and Landlords alike and recommend a fair outcome for everyone, mindful that many Landlords are also suffering from devastating circumstances themselves.

In the unlikely event that an agreement cannot be reached, it is possible to apply to apply to NSW Fair Trading for mediation and if this fails it is possible to apply to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.  It is unknown how long this process will take, so we recommend that everyone do their very best to reach an agreement.

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